My first for Exponents: Neoliberalism – The Cause of Surveillance Capitalism?

FRIEDRICH VON HAYEK 1981 Austrian economics and political philosopher in Gothenburg

I argue in Exponents:

Protecting sanctuary in the home against encroaching technology is valued by diverse thinkers. Hayek and Zuboff would seem to agree that the economic logic of the market can run amok when it breaches the threshold of the private home. Yet instead of dismantling the economic engine, we ought to let it operate in its appropriate domain. The role of law in confronting the loss of contextual integrity due to modern technology can be to preserve the historic separation between the intimate and extended orders. The home could be made safe from even more digital prying eyes. The power of Big Tech can be harnessed to optimize the globalized world, while at the same time it is kept out of the modern hearth.

Do read the whole thing.

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